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Access to Achievement Education Foundation—the ultimate revamp


The Access to Achievement Education Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and guiding low-income, underrepresented middle and high school students. 

The foundation's founder, Stanford Ph.D. Marilyn Winkleby, hired me to audit and reorganize parts of Access to Achievement's WordPress website without drastically changing its visual design (as the site's content was her main priority).


Freelance project


June-July 2022 (5 weeks)




Heuristic evaluation, IA, content design, copyediting

Frame 55.png


My process fell into the following stages: A) carrying out a content audit of the website to identify all problem areas, B) restructuring site hierarchy, C) tackling images, links, videos, and PDFs, and D) copyediting and polishing voice and tone.

The content audit



Content audit of (pages 1 and 2)

Problem Statement

How might we guide writers through the self-publishing process so that they achieve publication in the most equitable and stress-free manner possible?


Turning in the assignment

In only two weeks, I plotted the micro-interactions, brand design, IA, context of use, first-time user experience, and more of an app I think might actually be able to make it in the world. This project was also an opportunity to flex the content design skills I acquired over Summer 2021. It was fun wordsmithing in a design space all my own, and I have no doubt my skills are better for it. 

With more time, I would push the content of my app. What do individual articles look like? What happens when you tap the "+" on the Writer's Desk page? Where do saved articles go? What kinds of things can you change about your profile? How do users communicate with one another? How does WordWallet combat plagiarism? I'm eager to return to this app idea in the future—perhaps when I'm in a position to really do something with it.

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