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Your Editorial Ally <3

My job as an editor is to be your faithful sparring partner. I'll test the heart of your content, pruning and polishing just enough at the periphery to let it shine through. My work isn't done until your work is in prime fighting shape⚔️—ready to take on the literary/e-commerce/etc marketplace. 

For books and websites alike, you can hire me to  -  line edit, copy edit, and proofread per internal and external style guides (CMoS, AP)  -  conduct and compile research  -  fact-check dates/names/etc  -  perform sensitivity readings  -  create style documentation/guidelines  -  and more! 

(Find a complete list of skills in my Quote Form.)

So, how about it? Looking to join forces?

Katel LeDû

CEO of A Book Apart

"Kumari is a talented, thoughtful, and caring editor. She prioritizes person-first language, which has been very important to us at A Book Apart as a publisher, and was essential to the work Kumari did on our 2022 title, Inclusive Design Communities."

Markelle Grabo

Call Forth a Fox

"Kumari's suggestions were excellent, and my book is better because of her input! Rarely did I consider altering her suggested reworkings. She is as great a writer as she is an editor!"

Rita Feinstein

Meet Me in the Fourth Dimension

"I really enjoyed going through Kumari's edits and was so impressed by the fine-toothed comb she took to the manuscript. She caught so many things that went unnoticed through multiple drafts, and a few awkward phrasings I thought I could get away with..."

- Book Editing -

Memoirs, how-to's, prose poetry, fiction—I've worked with a rainbow of manuscripts, shifting my editorial skill set according to the unique needs of each author. Take a look at some of my clients' books below.

- Web and Tech Editing -

Thanks in part to my degree in user experience (UX), my editorial skill set extends to website content and technical documentation. Hover over the examples below to see my changes.


One of my first projects for OhmCo: Oakley's Car Wash. (Yes, Oakley's as in owned by Charles Oakley of the New York Knicks!) I performed a heuristic analysis on Oakley's website, testing all links and interactions across multiple touchpoints—as well as editing all text, from marketing copy to labels. 

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