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(Good question. Here's what I know so far.)


My name’s Kumari Pacheco; I'm an Afro-Latina content designer and editor based out of San Francisco. Currently, you can find me clicking away at Figma as I complete a BFA in Interaction Design at California College of the Arts (with a minor in Writing & Literature), headbanging at local rock shows, attending comic cons, or daydreaming about a trip abroad. 

I'm also an editor at the really neat, design-focused publishing house A Book Apart and a first-round judge for a writing competition for kids K-12 ($1000 for 1000 Words). OhI write short stories and articles sometimes, too. 

Screenshot_20211011-002609_WhatsApp (1)_edited.jpg

Me at Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven, Scotland.

I thrive in the space between words and design, that delicious overlap of story and system: world-building within a world teeming with opportunities, needs, pain points, and constraints. I find incredible joy in setting course—and at times, course-correcting—for the needs of real people, listening to their experiences and creating products that improve those narratives. After all, I’m not just helping create products, I’m also telling their stories and curating their voices.

With two content design internships under my belt (NerdWallet and, I have passion to spare in penning the voice of products, both internally (style guides) and externally (front-facing features). I'm on the hunt for a content design role or copyediting/proofreading gigs, but I'm always happy to just chat. 


Interaction Design Association @ CCA (I was a student leader).

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