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(Good question. Here's what I know so far.)


I'm Kumari Pacheco, an Afro-Latina content designer and editor with world-building on the brain. Currently, you can find me clicking away at Figma as I complete a BFA in Interaction Design at California College of the Arts (with a minor in Writing & Literature), headbanging at local rock shows, attending comic cons, or daydreaming about a trip abroad. 

I also freelance edit for A Book Apart (a design-focused publisher) and Page Street Publishing (specifically YA titles)—and serve as a first-round judge for $1000 for 1000 Words, a writing competition for kids K-12. I write short stories and articles sometimes, too. 

Screenshot_20211011-002609_WhatsApp (1)_edited.jpg

Me at Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven, Scotland.

We content designers are very much world-builders, charting paths and annotating the little journeys that influence human behavior. In this way, I thrive most in the intersection of words and design—a delicious overlap of storytelling and systemic thinking. I find joy in setting course (and at times, course-correcting) for the needs of real people, listening to their narratives and doing my part to help improve them. No matter the project, two things are always top of mind: ethics and ease of use.

With two content design internships under my belt (at NerdWallet and BILL), I have passion to spare in penning the voice of products, both internally (style guides) and externally (front-facing features). I'm on the hunt for a content design role or copyediting/proofreading gigs, but I'm always happy to just chat! 


Interaction Design Association @ CCA (I was a student leader).

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