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Buying Comics with ComiXology


Watch my final project deliverable: an interactive walkthrough of ComiXology's features with regards to buying a comic. Scroll down for process details!

Usage story arcs: ComiXology, Viz Media & Webtoon

In preparation for the final deliverable, I created three usage story arcsone for each of the products covered in my "product context" assignment. Usage stories detail the steps a user takes (and the features they use) in order to perform an action related to their goals. Usage arcs visually communicate that same information.


I completed this project in roughly seven-to-eight hours, over the course of a week. Because I had a separate week to focus on the usage arcs, I felt more confident in my story and ensuing process.

The first two images are of my usage arc drafts. I got some great feedback and directly applied it to my next iteration.

The third image is of a task flow, showing the steps I would touch upon during my interactive walkthrough.

The fourth image is of my demo prototype. Using Figma and a series of screenshots taken from the ComiXology app, I was able to re-create the experience I'd be expanding upon in my walkthrough video. The phone interface you see in the video is a result of this process.

The fifth image shows my script and storyboard. The script is on the orange post-it notes; the storyboard is on the accompanying yellow post-its.

The sixth image is of my Adobe Premiere workspace once everything had been put together.

What I learned

Usage stories definitely seem to be more "involved" than concept stories and origin stories. They require a much deeper understanding of both the product and the user's goals. Because of this, I'm glad that I tackled concept and origin stories first. While those final project deliverables weren't exactly my best work, they did build up my familiarity with ComiXology to a point where I could comfortably and creatively contextualize an existing product experience.

There were still some hiccups along the waysuch as when my perfect screen-recording didn't record and my tablet pen stopped workingbut, in general, I've never felt more in control of my process and final output.


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